Employment Opportunities

Snohomish County Fire District 17 is a progressive fire department focused on creatively serving the needs of our community with quality fire and emergency medical services. The district currently employs a full-time staff consisting of two Chiefs, an Office Assistant, three Captains and nine Firefighters. Our members staff two stations and cover an area within our district of 38 sq. miles including the city of Granite Falls. We also provide mutual aid for several of our neighboring fire districts. To fulfill our intent to staff up to seven Firefighters and EMT's 24/7 365, it is necessary for us to maintain a strong part-time Firefighter and EMT program. Our part-time employees work alongside our full-time staff with responsibilities limited only by their level of training and experience. Working part-time for Fire District 17 is an excellent way to grow your confidence, skills, and portfolio while you are working toward a full-time career in the Fire/EMS services. Snohomish County Fire District 17 is continuously accepting applications for the positions of part-time EMT and part-time Firefighter/EMT. As of January 2020, our wage for part-time EMT is $13.50 per hour and part-time FF/EMT starts at $15 an hour. To apply for a part-time position with our district, you'll need a current National Registry or Washington State EMT certificate along with a current passing score for the National Testing Network "Fire Team Test" and a current "CPAT" physical ability test. (Current meaning, less than one year old). Follow the link to our application.